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Charcoal Powder & Jute Product Supplier In Bangladesh | Custom Your Logo

Welcome to MEM, A Jute Item & Charcoal Powder supplier in Dhaka Bangladesh.

MEM is aJute Item & Charcoal Powder supplier  in Bangladesh, Our Product Jute Item & Charcoal Powder , Jute sandal &Jute bag. We Supply one of the best collections of the best  items. T-shirt, Denim & jute Products supplied by us are some of the best available. Our artisans use the highest quality stick to make Charcoal Powder & Jute item, which are more comfortable than most other Product on the market.

We are also the best Supplier in Bangladesh. Our Product is ready-made, and services include sourcing, production, delivery, and distribution. From sourcing to delivery, we offer a complete production service. We know the needs and desires of our customers.

According to your desire and Product, we production service. Our product Supply goal is to supply high-premium quality Charcoal Powder & Jute Products with 100% export capacity.s

Supplying Different Products of MEM

With our extensive experience in Supplying Customized Logo with Ready Made  Products. We offer Custom logos & private labels on Charcoal Powder  bag & Jute, We have skilled Labour, and these skilled Labour ensure that the Charcoal Powder And Export of Jute team will exceed your expectations. To meet your exact specifications.

Brand Strategy

our own office in Dhaka, You can collect Sample From the Office, Or Through Courier service.

Handcrafted Construction

All the products are best quality and Checked by our experienced and skilled Staff. we stand behind our Good will.

Extensive Collection​

We supply and export a wide collection of leather products, and jute products, each with its unique design and features.


Try Our best to
ensure Quality.
Thank you

Sample collection

Just Send your enquire which sample you need, our Product goods, giving careful attention to details and paying special attention to every little thing.


Our team makes your ideas a reality. We ensure our success by choosing only the finest materials for our product . Having selected the materials you wish to work with.


Quality warranty, made in Bangladesh. The quality of the final product is our top priority. Having a well-designed and well-manufactured product ensures that our customers will be satisfied, which improves the image of our company.